Planning a “Man Shower” for the Groom-To-Be

Bridal showers have come a long way, indeed. First there was the traditional shower for women only, then the couple’s shower with a co-ed guest list, and now we welcome the “Man Shower!” It’s the same idea as a bridal shower, but with a manly twist. A great alternative to a bachelor party, groomsmen, family and friends gather to wish the groom well. Rather than a night of partying with scantily-clad women, this men-only event features plenty of manly foods, gifts and games. And why shouldn’t they have their own? Ladies have enjoyed their private showers for years. So if your future husband decides he wants to get in on some shower action, try these themes.


King Of The Grill: A sizzlin’ summer cookout makes a great setting for a “Man Shower.” Hubby-to-be will be king of the grill, and guests can bring everything to outfit a barbeque, including the grill, utensils and more! Giving each guest a personalized bottle of hot sauce is a great way to end the day.

Beach Bum: Plan a day at the beach or a sailing excursion for the groom and his crew. Take in the sights of dolphins just off the shore or go deep-sea fishing. It’s the perfect way for the groom to celebrate sailing into his new life. Guests can fill his “boat” with nautical or beach wedding favors and gifts.

Fore Him: A golf-themed shower is perfect for the golf-enthusiast. If you hold it at the clubhouse of a great golf course, guests can play a “round” after he opens a round of golf-themed gifts, like golf towels, balls and golf ball bottle openers.

Stock The Bar: The bar is open and ready for guests to bring the groom’s favorite wine. Enjoy a private wine-tasting with sumptuous foods for an upscale gathering. From bottle stoppers and glasses to a personalized “old world” bar sign to accent the home, this is a definite twist on giving home furnishings!

No matter which theme you choose, the “Man Shower” is a great way for the groom to celebrate and bond with close family and friends. Beyond the gifts, the memories will last a lifetime!


WedAlert thanks Karen for the great ideas. You can also read more about unique ideas for the grooms by checking out Weekend Adventures-A New Trend in Bachelor Parties

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