Wedding Gown Terms: Train Lengths

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Wedding Gown Terms: Train Lengths 

We all know what a wedding train is! When we were girls, we tied bath towels to our waists and waltzed "down the aisle".  But now you're engaged and it is time ot decided what train length is best for you! There are 6 standard lengths available, each term here represents a length category. Not to be confused with Hem Lengths, a train length is the length from the waist to the hem in the BACK of the gown!

No Train: Well, by definition, this is NOT a train, it is still an option so we will include it here. This is sometimes called a Floor Length Train, but if you are opting for a tea length gown or shorter, it may not even be floor length. Generally, it will be the same length front and back. This type of gown is is perfect for an informal wedding or a garden wedding , and can also be done for a semi-formal wedding if you wish.
Sweeping Train: This is the shortest of the trains and is also called a brush train because it just brushes the floor. Usually, the back hem is only a few inches lower then the front hem. It is perfect for an elegant informal or semi-formal wedding gown. It provides the elegance of a train without to much added fabric in the way.
Chapel Length Train: This is currently the most common train because it has the elegance of a full train but is still not overly cumbersome. A chapel train is generally 1 1/3 yards or 4 feet from the waistline. This is perfect for a semi-formal wedding gown but could be used for a formal or informal wedding gown as well.
Semi-Cathedral Length Train: A semi-cathedral is about half way between a chapel and cathedral length. Perfect for a semi-formal or formal wedding gown.
Cathedral Length Train: This is a popular choice for a formal affair or for that fairy tale look. A cathedral train is generally 2 1/2 yards or 7 1/2 feet from the waistline and is usually used for a formal wedding. These gowns often come with a bustling option or a removable train to allow for better movement on the dance floor.
Royal Train: Remember Princess Di's wedding gown? This is one of those trains this is still out the door when you reach the alter! If you dream is to have a Princess Di train, this is it! Also called a Monarch train, this train generally falls 9 ft from the waist line and is only used for the most formal wedding.
Often, the length of your train is determined either by your tastes or your wedding style. I have listed the most common wedding styles for each train option, but you can choose whatever suits you best. If you do not want a long train for the whole event, you can also consider a sweep train with a long, removable veil for that elegant look at the alter and free movement on the dance floor!
By: Crystal Unrau

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